1 year!

Alhamdulillah. 1 year anniversary. I thank Allah for the awesome husband and for the beautiful marriage. I love how we are in our own little world and how we are so very much in love. I love how we are still in our honeymoon phase and we plan to forever be in it.

We went to Marina Mandarin for a staycation and we loved it there. Here is a short video of our stay there.

On the anniversary date itself, we went for a short photoshoot at Cheezz Studio, which was pretty cool. We took about 100 photos in 30 minutes. Check it out!

To many more anniversaries!! Looking forward to our short getaway in 11 days!


be right back!

I am super excited for our anniversary staycation in Marina Mandarin this weekend!!!!

Meanwhile, enjoy our Instagram anniversary video. Pictures and videos taken from my Instagram after we got married. <3<3

39 more days!

Our first year anniversary is coming up and I am super excited! I am the kind of person who would want to celebrate everything! And yes, I have already started my Anniversary countdown. hehe. Here is a recap of the last 10 monthsary.

1 – Laugh louder, smile bigger, love longer
2 – Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars
3 – A family is a gift that last forever
4 – I am so totally completely eye popping seriously groundbreaking passionately deliciously in love with @aleemochtar
5 – The Prophet Muhammad SAW said: “A pious wife who helps you in religious and worldly affairs, is better than every treasure.”
6 – A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person
7 – As I look back on my life, I realize that every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being re-directed to something better. You must convince your heart that whatever Allah has decreed is most appropriate and most beneficial for you.
8 – The best love is when you find someone who makes you Imaan rise, who makes you more pious and who helps you here in the dunya because that person wants to meet you in again in Jannah.
9 – Our first Ramadam together, ask each other you Ramadan goals so you can be a source of compassion, support and understanding for their greatest spiritual needs
10 – He had everything that I asked Allah for in my prayers. Alhamdulillah


It is our 8th monthsary!! How time flies. Speaking of which, Ramadhan is coming! Our first together. Exciting kaper?!


Marriages has its ups and downs. The downs don’t just mean when you and your partner argue. It includes when a loved one gets sick, or when one loses their job. These downs are usually what makes couples stronger, especially when they work things out together and they support each other throughout the ordeal.

With that aside, couples do argue. It is the way you go about doing it, that is important. Me and a couple of friends were talking about the best way to avoid prolonging an argument.

We agreed that talking is the best way to settle things. I understand the dilemma of guys when girls merajok and yet she do not want to tell him what was wrong. Guys are not mind readers. Girls, we have to tell them how we feel. I am guilty of this. I expect him to know what he did wrong. Unfair right? Hehe. As much as possible I will try to speak my mind.

Sometimes when both are angry, talking can be quite difficult. This is what I do. When I am upset, he will either hug me or I will get him to hug me. While in his embrace, I will cry and tell him everything. This does not only work for when we are upset, but also when I feel sad about something and just want him to listen to my problems.

There are many other things I could talk about, like don’t get a third party involved when you are arguing with your spouse, or don’t raise your voice, don’t go and find another person to talk about your problems, especially not someone of the opposite sex.

But today, all I am gonna say is, a hug is a powerful tool. Hugs make you feel happy, feel loved, feel safe and secure, feel protected and that everything is gonna be okay.

Through my 8 months experience of being married, marriage is a wonderful thing. We don’t get angry about little things, we joke alot, we say sorry as soon as possible, we don’t blame one another and most importantly, we remind each other of how much we love and care for each other. We hug when we say goodbye, we hug when we meet, we hug when we sleep, we hug while watching a movie, we hug while watching a Youtube video on his phone. Make the little things counts.

Being a great wife is the easiest ticket to Jannah, in sha Allah. So let’s put our emo aside and be the awesomest wives ever! Hehe!

Me, you and our family

Marriage. You marry the man of your dreams and his family. You marry the girl who is the one and her family as well.

Me and the hubby turned 7 on the 13th. 7 months jer but Alhamdulillah we have been through a couple of things that proves the sincerity of his love for me. Recently, he showed me again.


It was 5am on a Sunday when we heard a loud thud. We ran out and saw my dad lying face up on the kitchen floor. I lifted his head to put a pillow for support when I saw the blood coming from the back of his head. I called out to my husband and told him to call the ambulance.

Being a Prison officer have its perks as we are used to attending to emergency. We are trained to be calm before we take the next steps. But of course, it is totally different when the one in need is a loved one.

Me, my husband and my brother took turns looking after my dad while we wait for the ambulance to arrive. One by one we got ready, dump things in the bag, like telekong, extra clothes, water and biscuits.

The husband went ahead and bandaged my father’s head to stop the bleeding. My brother followed the ambulance while the rest of us cabbed to the hospital.

Throughout the whole ordeal, he kept on holding my hand. He never fail to remind us to perform our prayers. Even my dad.

This is what touched me the most.

As my dad is bedridden, he taught my dad how to sholat while in bed. He even helped him with wudhu. I would pour some water into my husband’s palms then he will spread the water all over my dad’s hands, arms, face and feet.

My dad cried and said sorry for having him touch his legs. I wanted to cry too.

Even at work, he will call to remind us of prayer times and constantly encourage me to make Dua for my dad.

After work, he and my brother took turns to help my dad with his wudhu. How lucky I am to have a family that comes together is happiness and in distress.

I made a promise to myself, in sha Allah, I will treat his parents like how I treat my parents and like how he treats my parents like his own. Only Allah can repay his kindness.

I cannot wait to have children who will be just like him. In sha Allah.


This Sunday, it will be our 6th month anny! SubhanAllah. How fast time flies. It’s kinda scary too. And MashAllah, we made it this far!


Which brings me to the next most popular question that I get since I got married.

“Biler nak ade baby?”

In fact, it’s not just me. Even my mom gets questions like, “Yang baru kawen tu, da berisi?”

Especially after I gain some weight, I get questions like, “Eh macam da besar je, ade good news ke?” “Eh da gemok, pregnant eh?”


At first I was really annoyed. Then I thought about it, and everytime I hear those pesky questions, I’ll just accept them as Dua’s and I thank the person who asks me those questions.

The thing is, I have another 2 more semesters to go. I would love to have a baby now but we decided to try for a baby during my last semester. Every pregnancy is different, what if my experience is bad and I have to drop out of school and pay $20,000!!! I am doing well so far!!

So in sha Allah, the time will come.

Since we are family planning, we have come to adopt a thinking whereby, when we are ready but Allah thinks it’s not time yet, we cannot be angry and have to redha. We will just try and tawakkal. in sha Allah.

For those of you who are trying, just remember, Allah is the best of planners. His plans are way better than our dreams.

So good luck!!

5th monthsary!


Tomorrow is the 13th and it is our 5th months anniversary!!
How exciting! 5 months already?

People keep coming up to me with the same few questions.

  1. How’s married life? They actually asked, “Amaciam da kawen?”

This, I often answer with, “Alhamdulillah, wonderful!”

It truly is! I love having someone to come home to everyday. My mom call us the shadows. Everywhere we go, we will be together. When I go out to take a drink, behind me will be the hubby. When he goes to the kitchen to take a snack, I will be behind him.

We cook together, eat together, do laundry together. Do everything together!

It has never occurred to me that I will be excited to wake up just to see him off. Stand at the door with muker busuk just to wave goodbye until he takes the lift down.

But my favourite part will have to be when we sholat together. He once said, he had to forgo performing prayers at Al Islah which was right in front of his house, now that he is staying with my family. He then added, he gained so much more now that he gets to pray every prayer with his wife. Alhamdulillah.

My husband has been my strength, my support, my very best friend. Indeed, he guides me in every way that he can. He is never forceful but kind and caring in the way that he shares. It is true when they say, sometimes, the way to reach people is not by preaching but by showing them with what you practice.

Everytime I watch my husband prays or recite any Surah, it makes me want to better myself and do the same as well. I want to follow him to Jannah, in sha Allah.

So far, I learn that marriage is not only about having similar likes. It is about trying out things that your spouse like, things that you might not try if it is not for your partner. It is about give and take. It is about saying sorry as soon as possible. It is about lots of hugs and kisses. It is about saying I love you at the randomest time, just to remind each other how much we care.

It is an added plus that he makes me laugh like all the time and I love capturing those moments with my videos. I forsee uploading more videos into my Youtube channel. Videos of memories and home videos to playback in the future and reminisce about the wonderful time we had. Like the times at NZ during our honeymoon. I have been watching those videos over and over again! Still not bored of it.

I also foresee editing videos of our children in the future. This brings me to the next question people like to ask us. But that will be in another post. in sha Allah.